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    NEW RVD “One Of A Kind” wallpaper!
    rob van dam wallpaper

    RVD WWE wallpaper
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    One of a kind!

    When that music hits, you know you’re in for a treat. Mr. Monday Night, the whole f’n show, RVD has truly come back to WWE. His recent run of matches, especially the one against Chris Jericho, was an absolute reminder of how good this man is. The pointless match against Alberto del Rio doesn’t count. Anyway, Rob Van Dam may not be a regular on the next few months since he’s on a contract similar to Y2J, but I think it’s for the better. It keeps him fresh, the fans won’t get tired and his matches will be treated with more importance. I believe he’s in the long haul from now on, even though he won’t be on TV every week. As long as he keeps giving us five star matches, I’m good! Imagine him mixing up with the hottest WWE Superstars of today: The Shield, CM Punk and of course, Daniel Bryan. You might wanna add a singlet vs. singlet match against Ryback too haha.

    What are you waiting for? Get this RVD wallpaper today!

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    Disclaimer: Images of Rob Van Dam belong to and are copyrighted to/by WWE. There is no copyright infringement intended.

    NEW WWE Money in the Bank All-Stars wallpaper!
    money in the bank wallpaper

    WWE All Stars Money in the Bank 2013 wallpaper
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    After a 2-week hiatus, Kupy Wrestling Wallpapers is back with this effort-busting wallpaper featuring the Money in the Bank match for a WWE Championship contract, or better known this year as MITB All-Stars. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Kane, Christian and the returning Rob Van Dam are the included participants. I think Chris Jericho should’ve been included too (sorry Ryback). With the match named MITB All-Stars, it should be exciting and spectacular, especially since RVD and Daniel Bryan are in there. As for the winner, it’s pretty obvious that Bryan is gonna win. He’s on a hot streak right now and anything other than a Daniel Bryan win would be a letdown. CM Punk is headed for a Brock Lesnar encounter. Orton could be a wild pick though. As for Sheamus, Kane, RVD and Christian, I just don’t see them winning the briefcase this year.

    So, who do you guys think will get the MITB WWE Championship contract? Whatever the outcome is, it’ll be an awesome match for sure!

    Just 834 likes so far on Facebook. Let’s get to 1k!

    Disclaimer: Images of WWE Superstars and Money in the Bank belong to and are copyrighted to/by WWE. There is no copyright infringement intended.

    NEW Wrestling Wallpaper: Rob Van Dam TNA wallpaper

    Kupy Wrestling Wallpapers is back baby! Whew, that was quite a long hiatus I had there. Maybe the site needed it too and that’s why things happened these past few weeks. I won’t go into details about it but you’ll definitely see the changes I’ve made here. Basically, Kupy Wrestling Wallpapers is starting over again. Yup, 95% of the wallpapers that were done from 2006 up to now are all gone, mostly WWE stuff. Why? Go figure. 😉 Also, during the hiatus, I’ve done a lot of soul searching (lack of better term sorry) and I’ve realized that there are more stuff I can do aside from doing wrestling wallpapers..but I’m not thinking about that right now. Maybe in a month or two, I’ll be starting a new project and it’ll have the ideas I thought about during recent long break. For now, let’s move on.

    Speaking of fresh starts, today’s wrestling wallpaper features someone who needed a fresh start after a WWE run and it’s none other than Mr. Monday Night, ROB!.. VAN!.. DAM! Even though his TNA debut was met with lots of criticism because of how he was badly beaten up by Sting, RVD contradicted the rumors himself that he is very much happy with his current TNA stint. You can see that he’s genuinely having a good time in TNA. His recent teaming up with Jeff Hardy and Eric Young is nothing but a perfect fit for him. Faces just having a good time. Whether he wins the TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt soon or not depends on how TNA will make use of his talent. Right now, the only thing that matters is The Whole F’n Show is uncensored and unleashed from doing what he’s really capable of showing.

    Presenting the first wallpaper of the Version 4 era of Kupy Wrestling Wallpapers, Mr. Monday Night himself, Rob Van Dam! Get this TNA Wallpaper today!

    TNA Mr. Monday Night wallpaper
    TNA “The Whole F’n Show” RVD wallpaper
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