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    NEW 16-time World Champions: Ric Flair and John Cena wallpaper!
    cena wallpaper

    Ric Flair and John Cena 16x World Champions wallpaper
    1920×1200 | 1920×1080 | 1680×1050 | 1600×900 | 1440×900 | 1366×768 | 1280×1024 | 1280×800 | 1024×768 / iPad / Tablet | iOs / Android mobile wallpaper – John Cena | iOs / Android mobile wallpaper – Ric Flair | PS Vita wallpaper | Facebook Timeline Cover

    After defeating former WWE Champion AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble, John Cena finally tied Ric Flair in World Championships won in the wrestling industry. A monumental feat indeed.

    Rumor has it though that Mr. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect will have his 16th reign cut short at the Elimination Chamber by Bray Wyatt to set up the Wyatt vs. Orton WrestleMania 33 clash since Cena vs. Orton for the nth time isn’t really as intriguing as it was almost a decade ago. Or maybe AJ Styles regains the WWE Championship and will have it defended against RKO. Either way, it looks like John isn’t going to WrestleMania as champ. A bit ironic and weird considering this is his 16th World Championship reign and should be a bigger deal than what the rumors suggest.

    As tribute to these 2 incredible champions, Kupy Wrestling Wallpapers is bringing to you this wallpaper featuring both 16x World Champions, John Cena and Ric Flair!

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    Disclaimer: Images belong to and are copyrighted to/by WWE. There is no copyright infringement intended.

    NEW Randy Orton WWE Champion wallpaper
    rko wallpaper

    “Evolution’s Finest” WWE Champion Randy Orton wallpaper
    1920×1200 | 1920×1080 | 1680×1050 | 1600×900 | 1440×900 | 1280×1024 | 1280×800 | 1024×768 / iPad / Tablet | PS Vita wallpaper | PSP wallpaper | Mobile / iPod Touch / iPhone wallpaper | iPhone 5 wallpaper | 3D wallpaper | Facebook Timeline Cover

    In WWE SummerSlam 2004, Randy Orton became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history by defeating the late Chris Benoit. Almost a decade later, Randy Orton is now a 10-time champion, with his latest reign starting from yesterday’s WWE SummerSlam. With John Cena taking time off to heal his injured elbow, as much as I might get heat for this, I think Randy winning last night was a better way to pave for him to become the top heel once again for WWE AND at the same time, handing the underdog and top face spot to Daniel Bryan. Remember how Austin was chasing the WWE Championship most of the time than him being a long-reigning champion? It’s about the chase, and I believe DBry will benefit more from that in the long run. As long as Daniel Bryan doesn’t suffer setbacks or any form of long-term injury, The Beard is on his way to becoming the top face of the WWE. This storyline will lead to amazing twists and turns, with Orton and Bryan providing great wrestling at the same time. We’ve been asking for a heel turn for Mr. RKO for years now and here he is now. It could also mean a revival of Corporation, with HHH and Orton leading the pack OR it could be a brand-new Evolution, with new members on their side. In the end though, Orton’s reign will be short-lived. Daniel Bryan is on his way to winning the WWE Championship for the 2nd time soon. Mark it.

    Since a lot of fans have been talking about an Evolution reunion with Triple H and Randy Orton conspiring, today’s RKO wallpaper features Randy Orton, arguably, as the finest product Evolution has offered since the group’s formation. You can certainly make a case for HHH, Ric Flair or Batista but Orton’s on top right now. Anyway, download this Evolution-themed Randy Orton as WWE Champion wallpaper now!

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    Disclaimer: Images of Randy Orton, Triple H, Batista and Ric Flair belong to and are copyrighted to/by WWE. There is no copyright infringement intended.

    NEW TNA Wrestling’s Fortune wallpaper!

    The Immortal storyline has been awful so far. Yeah it’s another NWO-style takeover but what I don’t understand is why they had to drag Fortune into this crap. I can’t imagine AJ Styles playing second fiddle to Jeff Hardy when AJ SHOULD be the top guy in this Immortal/Fortune group. Heck, he should be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion right now and not Mr. Anderson. Even though I’m a huge fan of Mr. Anderson, he’s not yet champ material. His title win lacked proper build up and it just makes him look like a transitional champion. For now, he’s the top guy until Jeff Hardy resolves his legal case next month.

    Going back to AJ Styles and Fortune, I believe these guys should separate themselves from Immortal because that group is becoming crowded already. They shouldn’t be acting like dogs for Hogan and company or looking like a bunch of Rob Terry’s. 3/4 of Fortune are champions right now! AJ Styles, Kazarian and Beer Money deserve much better than this. Ric Flair, he’ll live no matter what the storyline is.

    TNA’s Fortune has arrived in Kupy Wrestling Wallpapers! Go and download this TNA wallpaper right away!

    Disclaimer: Logo and images of Fortune belong to and are copyrighted to/by TNA. There is no copyright infringement intended.

    Fortune wrestling wallpaper
    Fortune TNA wallpaper
    1920×1200 | 1680×1050 | 1600×900 | 1280×1024 | 1024×768 / iPad | 800×600 | PSP wallpaper | iPod Touch / iPhone wallpaper | 3D wallpaper



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